The Entrepreneurial State of Mind

The choices you make early in your career and life lay the foundation for your professional life. While every person’s success may be acquired in a different way, most can agree that there are certain habits one must adopt to become successful. In this article, we’re gonna have one of our Money Moguls talk about some success habits and principles he adopted early on that helped him to become a millionaire by his late 20’s. Below is a list of vital habits to acquire in order to achieve entrepreneurial success in the U.S:

  1. Read, read and read.

Before entering your target market, make sure you are well-versed in common terminology, leaders, and fads in your industry. While degrees from prestigious colleges and universities are great credentials, they won’t count for much if your learning stops there. I would read industry-specific journals and books, and books by successful authors in regards to finances, leadership, influencing others and developing relationships on a daily or weekly basis. These soft skills were never, and will never be taught, in school. Classrooms prepare people to become employees, books prepare them to become business owners.

  1. Identify the latest trends in the market.

To stay relevant in your industry, you must stay on top of the latest trends, both in your sector and in the digital world.  They oftentimes go hand in hand, and can be a great way to capitalize on new ideas. If you or your business isn’t active on several social media platforms, you are most likely not gathering much attention and therefore not making any deals. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat offer great ways to interact with hundreds, thousands, or even millions (depending on your product/service) of potential customers for FREE. Some of these platforms even offer ways to target a specific client base and or solicit feedback on your service or product.

  1. Up your networking game.

Find a mentor. It is absolutely essential to build a strong network as you work your way up the professional ladder. The, fastest way to grow is to surround yourself with people that are further ahead in life than you are. Life skills, information, wisdom, and other golden nuggets often flow like energy or water: from a higher concentration or elevation to a lower concentration or elevation. Let these people pour into you, and you will soon start to think, talk, and act in just as a successful manner as them.
The ultimate jackpot in networking is finding an expert that is willing to mentor or coach you as you grow, develop, and expand. Their advice at just the right moments or turning point in your business can mean the difference between you living in an apartment or a living in a mansion. If you are unsure of how to network, start out by attending business meetups, join a local ToastMasters group, or attend social MeetUp events on a daily/weekly basis. Make sure  people know you were there and who you are. Get uncomfortable and meet as many of them as you can.

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