Humble Thyself While Making That Money

While you are out there making moves and things happen for you and your ever growing business endeavors and/or investments, do not forget your struggles and the obstacles you hurdled to get where you are.

The other day a few of my colleagues and I were getting our healthy smoothie on when we came across a guy who was down on his luck. He had put all of his money into a Ponzi scheme that turned for the worse. He was left without a job, a home, a penny to his name, and to top it all off he burnt many bridges with his family on his “road to millions”. We all felt for this guy. So, of course, I gave him a couple hundred bucks and a few contact numbers to local shelters, job placement agencies, and food pantries. But man… what a wake up call to the many blessings I have been fortunate to receive.

Throughout the years I have had my fair share of struggles. Failing is one of the hardest and most humbling experiences a person can have. Haters are another!


Take your L’s with dignity. So maybe you have taken many losses, more than you like, and you still have no monetary success to show for all of your efforts. In this case, ask yourself a hard question, what have I done for someone else? In this rat race of a market that we are all competing in, are you the crab that is trying to climb to the top while pulling your fellow crabs down or are you the bear trying help a cub out of a dumpster by climbing right on in with ‘em? Everyday, we move towards an increasingly individual centered society. This means, we are more focused on ourselves and our success rather than our neighbors. By ignoring our neighbor, we are shutting ourselves out of a learning experience. Meaning, not only can we learn from our personal mistakes, but by trying to befriend others chasing our same dreams or one similar, we can learn from their failures as well. Keep your head up, learn, and push on.


I think we can all agree that me, as the individual, is focused on my own success before anything else. However, have you stopped to lend some of your courage and strength to someone who might be struggling? Ask yourself, what are my intentions? It is cool to think about yourself and your personal gain, but Karma is real (whether you believe it or not) and it is a real bitch. Take it like this. If a farmer sows some bad seeds, he will definitely reap a bad harvest. However, if the farmer sows his best seeds, he will reap his best harvest. On your road to riches, sow your best seeds, help others when you can, and put forth honest intentions. With these practices, you will truly see the reward.

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