How You Can Save $5,000 Dollars On Your Next Car Purchase

Know What You WANT: Check for the latest car details, and check Consumer Reports for their vehicle ratings so you can choose a more reliable model year.

Know WHEN to Buy: November through January are the slowest months for sales.  Aim to buy during these months – and buy at the end of the month when the salesman or dealer may be aiming to hit a sales goal.

Know WHERE to Buy: Private sales will save you from dealer markups – use or eBay Motors to find local deals and compare prices.

Know WHAT to Buy: A brand new car loses 30% of it’s value the day it’s driven off the lot.  Buy used instead.  Aim for a car that’s at least 3 years old.  You’ll end up saving on registration and insurance.  Don’t forget to check Consumer Reports for used car ratings.

*NOTE: Keep in mind prices are based on supply and demand at any given time.  Make sure to shop for a car in advance of needing one so you don’t make a quick decision that costs you money.

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