Where to Throw Your Money in 2017

2017 is almost knocking on our doors, and for the investors, right now could not be a more perfect time to plan out where to throw money this year. In the recent times, the startup culture has turned out to be a big mover in the entrepreneurial space. New startup ecosystems are budding all over the globe and revolutionizing innovation across sectors such as health, agriculture, education, travel, e-commerce, technology and much more. Below is a list of the hottest new companies and startups that are expected to take the industry by storm in 2017 and where you should be investing your money to make the biggest ROI on these high-profit making opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that this is by no means any sort of financial or legal advice, just our opinion on which businesses are expected to do well. As always, you should make decisions for yourself based on your current financial situation and the market research you have completed.

  • Viptela: manage your networks in an enhanced way

Viptela, with funding of a whopping $108.5 million, is a cloud software that assists businesses in efficiently connecting their remote offices via telecom providers.

Why invest in this company: In 2017, this startup is expected to see a major acceleration as it cuts telecom costs by 50% for their clients. It’s not a question of why but a question of how fast will Viptela’s software-defined WAN replace the currently functional complex MPLS networks.

  • Classy: a high-end fundraising platform for non-profit organizations

Trusted by more than 3000 top notch social enterprises and non-profit organizations such as Oxfam and Teach for America, the San Diego-based startup Classy is doing amazingly well as a fundraising platform for societal welfare organizations.

Why invest in this company: It has already garnered $48 million in funding and with its software driven approach it is effectively keeping supporters engaged for a good cause. With this pace, it is expected to replace Blackbaud, the leader in this field, very soon.

  • Periscope: transforms your database into a business analysis tool

Periscope extracts data from billing systems and databases, giving the user immediate power to analyze, run, and share the analysis in seconds. It helps businesses in understanding the factors that may influence their future growth and profits.

Why invest in this company: The Company has set up a benchmark in providing cutting-edge data assessment tools for the enterprises. It is rapidly emerging as the latest control center for biz-ops.

  • Prospera: reinventing agriculture with the help of AI

The machine learning company Prospera, works to incorporate the power of AI into agriculture in the 21st century. It provides a mix of computer vision and data sciences and wants to convert agriculture into a data-based optimized procedure.

Why invest in this company: Agriculture being one of the largest industries in the world, can surely utilize the potential of AI to grow better, healthier and more economical foodstuffs. This reinvention in the way data is used in agriculture can enormously benefit both farmers and consumers alike.

  • Gladly: revolutionizing customer service for the 21st century

Gladly, caters to the needs of the new-generation customers with its modern customer-service software built especially for today’s social media and messaging apps.

Why invest in this company: Consumers love it when their favorite brands recognize them and are able to communicate with them over different channels. In this regard, while most customer service products on the market have become outdated, Gladly stands alone as a global platform built with the same technology stacks used by tech giants such as Facebook and Google.

  • Security Scorecard: bolstering security of your organization

With an acquired funding of $34.7 million, Security Scorecard provides thorough security assessments for organizations. It assists in examining and identifying potential risks to the enterprise’s IT systems even if they are coming from its own partners.

Why invest in this company: It is a true fact that companies spend a lot of money in securing their assets but fail to check into their vendor and partners for any wrongdoings. Security Scorecard is a one of its kind company that helps solve this problem by protecting against any third party breach and safeguarding the client company’s systems.

  • Mist: a fresh approach to the WLAN

Mist works on a combination of analytics, SDN, location- based services and a cloud-controlled WiFi. It provides app suggestions based on the customer’s current venue and also enables wireless access for retails, hotels and a number of other places.

Why invest in this company: Ever since the launch of iPhone and the introduction of Cloud services, Mist is the first company to build a wireless based enterprise from scratch. The founders possess great experience as they previously handled Cisco’s multi-billion dollar wireless unit and have already amassed $42.4 million in funding.

  • Opsclarity: AI-based monitoring for Data infrastructure

Opsclarity provides AI based thorough scrutinizing of the existing dynamic apps and data frameworks that use the cloud.

Why invest in this company: This Company has generated $21.23 million in funding and is already setting standards in mapping app dependencies by employing its high-end models that automatically discover user’s dynamic apps and infrastructure. It efficiently assists in analyzing failures and detecting probable bottlenecks.

Well, folks, that completes our list. Keep in mind that this is not to to be taken as financial advice in any way, it is just our take on which companies will perform well in the marketplace in the near future.

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