While you are out there making moves and things happen for you and your ever growing business endeavors and/or investments, do not forget your struggles and the obstacles you hurdled to get where you are.


The other day a few of my colleagues and I were getting our healthy smoothie on when we came across a guy who was down on his luck. He had put all of his money into a Ponzi scheme that turned for the worse. He was left without a job, a home, a penny to his name, and to top it all off he burnt many bridges with his family on his “road to millions”. We all felt for this guy. So, of course, I gave him a couple hundred bucks and a few contact numbers to local shelters, job placement agencies, and food pantries. But man… what a wake up call to the many blessings I have been fortunate to receive.


Throughout the years I have had my fair share of struggles. Failing is one of the hardest and most humbling experiences a person can have. Haters are another!



Take your L’s with dignity. So maybe you have taken many losses, more than you like, and you still have no monetary success to show for all of your efforts. In this case, ask yourself a hard question, what have I done for someone else? In this rat race of a market that we are all competing in, are you the crab that is trying to climb to the top while pulling your fellow crabs down or are you the bear trying help a cub out of a dumpster by climbing right on in with ‘em? Everyday, we move towards an increasingly individual centered society. This means, we are more focused on ourselves and our success rather than our neighbors. By ignoring our neighbor, we are shutting ourselves out of a learning experience. Meaning, not only can we learn from our personal mistakes, but by trying to befriend others chasing our same dreams or one similar, we can learn from their failures as well. Keep your head up, learn, and push on.



I think we can all agree that me, as the individual, is focused on my own success before anything else. However, have you stopped to lend some of your courage and strength to someone who might be struggling? Ask yourself, what are my intentions? It is cool to think about yourself and your personal gain, but Karma is real (whether you believe it or not) and it is a real bitch. Take it like this. If a farmer sows some bad seeds, he will definitely reap a bad harvest. However, if the farmer sows his best seeds, he will reap his best harvest. On your road to riches, sow your best seeds, help others when you can, and put forth honest intentions. With these practices, you will truly see the reward. This is what I did, and now my biggest worries are trying to find out the best pool resurfacing company in Plano, Tx. There really is nothing like having first world problems.… Read more

2017 is almost knocking on our doors, and for the investors, right now could not be a more perfect time to plan out where to throw money this year. In the recent times, the startup culture has turned out to be a big mover in the entrepreneurial space. New startup ecosystems are budding all over the globe and revolutionizing innovation across sectors such as health, agriculture, education, travel, e-commerce, technology and much more. Below is a list of the hottest new companies and startups that are expected to take the industry by storm in 2017 and where you should be investing your money to make the biggest ROI on these high-profit making opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that this is by no means any sort of financial or legal advice, just our opinion on which businesses are expected to do well. As always, you should make decisions for yourself based on your current financial situation and the market research you have completed.

  • Viptela: manage your networks in an enhanced way

Viptela, with funding of a whopping $108.5 million, is a cloud software that assists businesses in efficiently connecting their remote offices via telecom providers.

Why invest in this company: In 2017, this startup is expected to see a major acceleration as it cuts telecom costs by 50% for their clients. It’s not a question of why but a question of how fast will Viptela’s software-defined WAN replace the currently functional complex MPLS networks.

  • Classy: a high-end fundraising platform for non-profit organizations

Trusted by more than 3000 top notch social enterprises and non-profit organizations such as Oxfam and Teach for America, the San Diego-based startup Classy is doing amazingly well as a fundraising platform for societal welfare organizations.

Why invest in this company: It has already garnered $48 million in funding and with its software driven approach it is effectively keeping supporters engaged for a good cause. With this pace, it is expected to replace Blackbaud, the leader in this field, very soon.

  • Periscope: transforms your database into a business analysis tool

Periscope extracts data from billing systems and databases, giving the user immediate power to analyze, run, and share the analysis in seconds. It helps businesses in understanding the factors that may influence their future growth and profits.

Why invest in this company: The Company has set up a benchmark in providing cutting-edge data assessment tools for the enterprises. It is rapidly emerging as the latest control center for biz-ops.

  • Prospera: reinventing agriculture with the help of AI

The machine learning company Prospera, works to incorporate the power of AI into agriculture in the 21st century. It provides a mix of computer vision and data sciences and wants to convert agriculture into a data-based optimized procedure.

Why invest in this company: Agriculture being one of the largest industries in the world, can surely utilize the potential of AI to grow better, healthier and more economical foodstuffs. This reinvention in the way data is used in agriculture can enormously benefit both farmers and consumers alike.

  • Gladly: revolutionizing customer service for the 21st century

Gladly, caters to the needs of the new-generation customers with its modern customer-service software built especially for today’s social media and messaging apps.

Why invest in this company: Consumers love it when their favorite Read more

The 2000’s can undoubtedly be considered a period of crucial transitions in an individual’s life span. The choices you make early in your career and life lay the foundation for your professional life. While every person’s success may be acquired in a different way, most can agree that there are certain habits one must adopt to become successful. In this article, we’re gonna have one of our Money Moguls talk about some success habits and principles he adopted early on that helped him to become a millionaire by his late 20’s. Below is a list of vital habits to acquire in order to achieve entrepreneurial success in the U.S:

  1. Read, read and read.

Before entering your target market, make sure you are well-versed in common terminology, leaders, and fads in your industry. While degrees from prestigious colleges and universities are great credentials, they won’t count for much if your learning stops there. I would read industry-specific journals and books, and books by successful authors in regards to finances, leadership, influencing others and developing relationships on a daily or weekly basis. These soft skills were never, and will never be taught, in school. Classrooms prepare people to become employees, books prepare them to become business owners.

  1. Identify the latest trends in the market.

To stay relevant in your industry, you must stay on top of the latest trends, both in your sector and in the digital world.  They oftentimes go hand in hand, and can be a great way to capitalize on new ideas. If you or your business isn’t active on several social media platforms, you are most likely not gathering much attention and therefore not making any deals. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat offer great ways to interact with hundreds, thousands, or even millions (depending on your product/service) of potential customers for FREE. Some of these platforms even offer ways to target a specific client base and or solicit feedback on your service or product. I have a friend that owns a fence repair company that has become exceptionally good at targeting potential customers this way.

  1. Up your networking game.

Find a mentor. It is absolutely essential to build a strong network as you work your way up the professional ladder. The, fastest way to grow is to surround yourself with people that are further ahead in life than you are. Life skills, information, wisdom, and other golden nuggets often flow like energy or water: from a higher concentration or elevation to a lower concentration or elevation. Let these people pour into you, and you will soon start to think, talk, and act in just as a successful manner as them.
The ultimate jackpot in networking is finding an expert that is willing to mentor or coach you as you grow, develop, and expand. Their advice at just the right moments or turning point in your business can mean the difference between you living in an apartment or a living in a mansion. If you are unsure of how to network, start out by attending business meetups, join a local ToastMasters group, or attend social MeetUp events on a daily/weekly basis. Make sure  people know you were there and who you are. Get uncomfortable and meet as many of them as you can.

  1. Do not accept failure. Embrace
Read more

Below is a review from one of our readers, Mark Shannon, who contacted us and wanted to be published on our website! Mark is a sophomore in high school and wants to one day start his own business. Good kid! See his review below.


Nour is a global keynote speaker on relationship economics and explains in this books and his speeches of the hidden assets of relationships and the art and science of investing in them. Nour is a native of Iran whose parents sent him to the United States to live with a relative in hopes for a better life. He had no fluency in English but went on to earn an Executive Master’s of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. Nour stresses the importance of building relationships.

What is networking and why bother? Networking is about engaging with others and building relationships. Effective networking is doing it strategically and getting it done. Social capital helps us function in everyday situations and can change your life. Effective networking is being prepared and having goals you want to reach. It can make a difference in your life and establishes a positive mindset. Become interested in others first to get what you want and be sure to connect with the right people. Be clear about your networking goals and make it happen. Build your tool set and turn it into results and put it all together. There is power in influence. Access and relationships with others helps us to get things done. We all utilize referrals for the right doctor, furniture, etc., which all come from personal influence.

Mr. Nour is big on establishing a networking mindset. Networking can make the process of looking for a job, growing a business, selling a business, finding tickets, etc., more fun and easier. It has to be something you do naturally without hesitation. If you decide to start exercising or eating right, utilizing networking can be fun and beneficial. It needs to become a part of what you do every day. Developing an effective networking mindset takes time. Effective networking can mean getting out of your comfort zone and maybe striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. Life is too short to be in a job or relationship you don’t want to be in. Relief comes from taking action and a commitment to change the behavior and skills.

There can be obstacles to change to get to the right mindset. Fear is the biggest obstacle – fear of the unknown and what if. Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t always easy. There can be prejudice – some won’t talk to other co-workers based on their different titles or degrees. Interacting with as many different people as possible builds relationships and opportunities. Maybe you think you’re too busy and have no time to network to meet others. Others think they are not that interesting. This is not true as everyone can be a benefit to others. You may know more about something than the other person.

Overcome obstacles by starting slow and doing them in small doses. Attend events that you have something in common with others. Or go with another person. Or volunteer in something you enjoy. Networking skills are like a muscle – the more you use … Read more

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world with his surprising upset over favored candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Many people are concerned and confused about exactly what this will mean for their future. While no one can be 100% sure what will happen after January 21, 2017, we are going to make some predictions of what it will mean for your finances. As you must know by now, all predictions are 100% accurate and should be immediately accepted as the complete truth.

Just kidding. But let’s go ahead and take a dive into what this election could mean for you and your wallet, a major – and ultimately, deciding factor this year. The United States stock market dipped the morning after Trump clenched enough electoral college votes to secure a victory, as predicted by many economists. However, it quickly bounced upward to level out and even make some gains by the end of the week.

Why is this? All currency, down from the tiniest dollar bill, to every type of industry, and all the way up to the global market, operates on belief. If nobody has faith or value in the dollar bill, it becomes worthless. Similarly, if faith in the overall economy weakens, it can turn into a downwards spiral towards depression. What most people realized, is that many of Trump’s campaign promises were most likely nothing but, and we had really just elected a glorified Republican to the presidency. One with predictable policies, and reassuring rhetoric capable of convincing traders that his style and business experience brings enough talent and competency to help the economy grow and thrive.

If you haven’t noticed, Republicans in the White House is generally good news for big business, wall street, and the wealthiest Americans. But what about everyone else? How will the average American be impacted? How will the poorest Americans be impacted? How will a Money Mogul be impacted?

We hope that if you are reading this page you don’t consider yourself to be an average American or plain average in general. But average people can’t help it, can they? Somebody has to look out for them. And for someone trying to escape the average lifestyle and make it to the elite end, you have to know what cards are stacked against you. Learn the game, so you can dominate it.

If you have investments in companies related to construction and infrastructure, you’re off to a great start. We expect shares in these companies to show modest appreciation in value after President-elect Trump becomes President Trump. How much? Hard to say right now, but if Trump keeps his campaign promise to rebuild America’s infrastructure, there will be a huge demand in these industries.

What about taxes?

While Trump vowed to cut taxes for middle-class Americans, his currently planned tax reductions seem to primarily benefit the upper class at a disproportionate rate. Trump plans to eliminate both the personal and the head-of-household exemptions, which have long been a way for many citizens to reduce their taxable income. So if you are a single parent or married with three or more children, your taxable income – and effectively your tax bill will increase quite drastically. This is estimated to affect over 8 million people across the United States.… Read more

Before you can become a Young Money Mogul, you have to first think like one. Wealth is a state of mind, not a state of finances. You could take away a wealthy man’s money today, and tomorrow he would begin to rebuild his empire. You could give millions of dollars today to a man who drifts through life with no aspirations past working to pay his bills, and tomorrow he will be halfway done with squandering his riches and only a week from returning to the job he ‘retired’ from.

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to get your mind right, so you can get your grind right, which will allow you to eventually get your money right. We’ll give you tips and strategies that you can use to your advantage.

Let’s treat wealth like a sport. Or a game. The objective is, obviously, to score as many points as possible before your time expires. Some people start the game with more money, some with less. None of that matters.

Why? Because you are in your current state in life by the people you associate with and the books you read. If you hang around a losing team, you become a loser. If you associate with people that encourage you, that push you to do better, that are true winners, you become a winner.

Someone could start their day off with $5 in their pocket and turn it into $20, while others will complain they only have $5 and buy themselves 5 things off the dollar menu. Both players were dealt the same hand, one just knew how to play the game differently than the other, and that person won.

This sport must be studied constantly. You will have to read and learn from the people who have become successful, who are at in life where you aspire to be. Success leaves clues, and if you study the leaders long enough, you will begin to see them for yourself. And if you see them for long enough, you will begin implementing them into your life.

For every sport, there must be a solid gameplan. One that comes with a successful offensive strategy and/or a successful defensive strategy. We say ‘or’ because if you can figure out offense well enough, you can be decent at defense and still succeed. A football team that can consistently score 60 points per game doesn’t have to worry a whole lot about how many touchdowns it gives up. Similarly, if your car breaks down and it costs $400 to repair, but you have $2,000 in savings, no sweat. However, if your savings account only has $200, you’re in trouble.

Let’s talk about some defensive strategies you can use. Because, in the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it matters how much you keep. Everyone has a cash flow of some sort. This is where we’ll start. Do you know where every dollar of incoming cash goes? You better. Take a break to draw out your finances right now if you don’t. A great free tool you can use is Mint.com to help you keep track of all your bank accounts and credit cards, complete with spending graphs, trends, and data.

If you’re strapped for cash, start slashing the … Read more

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